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E-Learning Modules

All of our asynchronous e-learning modules are currently available on demand for anyone interested! Please use the links below to register. 


Evidence-Based Practices in Action: End of the Year Training

This module helps teachers, instructional assistants, and administrators reflect and reteach practices to:

  • Support positive outcomes for children transitioning to kindergarten
  • Help students practice and generalize skills to foster positive behavior
  • Facilitate use of authentic play-based assessment in preschool programs
  • Interpret assessment data to inform strategic instruction
  • Explore the Child Outcomes Summary Process at exit from preschool services

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Evidence-Based Practices in Action: A Mid-Year Review

This module is a mid-year review for early childhood teachers, instructional assistants, and administrators to reflect on and reteach current practices to ensure that preschool students acquire, practice, and maintain & generalize skills that reduce challenging behavior and increase young children's success in the classroom.

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Evidence-Based Practices in Action: Back to (Pre)School 

This module was created to help teachers and administrators:

  • Design the early learning environment,
  • Set up daily schedules and routines, and
  • Make connections with young children, families, and colleagues.

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Leadership and Teaming Modules

Learn more about effective teaming and leadership practices to improve services & outcomes for children, youth, and adults with disabilities by checking out the following asynchronous courses developed in collaboration with Dr. Jane Everson:

  • Becoming an Exemplary Leader of an Effective and Collaborative Team
  • Becoming a Member of an Effective and Collaborative Team

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