Tips for Selecting Toys for Young Children

November 13, 2023

When Selecting Toys for All Children

Keep in mind the importance of playing with everyday objects around the house to lead to more complex play with the article: Here's Why Young Children Often Prefer Wrapping Paper and Boxes to Actual Presents

"...when children explore and experiment with objects such as boxes, paper, and ribbons, they are using both their sensory and physical senses to extend their thinking." (Brierley, 2016)


Good Toys for Young Children by Age and Stage

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) states that, "In addition to being safe (see Safety and Children's Toys [in the article] below), good toys for young children need to match their stages of development and emerging abilities." 

Check out great play materials for children on the NAEYC website: Good Toys for Young Children by Age and Stage


What is Good for Students with Disabilities is Good for All Children

Engaging and fun toys that involve sensory play and even skill building are high on our shopping list for each and every child. Find toys for kinesthesia, movement, and tactile stimulation in the 2023 article: Top Toys for Kids with Autism