SCCEC Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC: Recap!

March 23, 2020

The SCCEC Conference this year was excellent! There was great representation from districts all over the state and plenty of vendors to offer goods & services to support the learning experiences of children. Sessions were very informative and well attended. Thank you SCCEC Conference Committee for a job well done! SCPI staff really enjoyed participating.

Lexington 2 and Spartanburg 5, two of our healthy & established teams, shared their journey with SCPI, the progress they made, and the lessons they learned along the way. Both teams did an excellent job engaging participants and providing helpful information for building healthy teams and increasing inclusive opportunities for preschoolers. We appreciate both teams for all that you do! Keep up the great work!


SCPI and TASC presented a collaborative research study that examined factors that impact district teams' effectiveness across age-span. Dr. Everson, Kerri, and Frank shared the findings of the project's initial work. Both programs will continue to work together on this project to identify ways that they can best support district teams! 


Special thanks to our friends and partners at TeachTown, South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind, and the University of Kentucky for your pre-conference sessions that jump-started the conference and raised the excitement level for learning! Participants were very engaged and have given us great feedback!



We'd also like to thank our partners at Family Connection SC, BabyNet, Head Start, SCDE Office of Special Education Services, and ABC Quality. Thank you for joining us & sharing valuable information during our strand of early childhood sessions!