DLD 2.0 brings teams together!

April 10, 2018


SCPI welcomed their veteran teams to Columbia for a special event on March 29th. DLD 2.0 was a full-day workshop designed to support existing teams at all stages of development. Participants were given the opportunity to:

  • utilize resources to improve team functioning
  • identify problems & find solutions
  • revise & update strategic PATH plans to maximize effectiveness
  • network with other teams and learn more about what has been working! 

Dr. Jane Everson, a consultant on community and organizational development (and teaming guru!), shared evidence-based resources and provided guidance on how to enhance team functioning and success. Amy Holbert, Executive Director of Family Connection SC, discussed strategies to engage families in this work and create parent partnerships. Dr. Angie Slatton, Director of Special Services for Lexington-Richland Five, shared valuable lessons learned over time from a TASC team's perspective. We also had four of our leadership teams present to share what they have done to increase inclusive opportunities for preschoolers in their communities. Their presentations were thoughtful and empowering! 

BIG shoutouts to the following teams for their inspiring work: