Planning & Executing Tiered Instruction for Young Children with Low Incidence Disabilities: A Virtual Training Series

December 4, 2020

As a follow-up to our Lunch & Learn series conducted in May on the Pyramid Model & Statewide Implementation in SC and the SC Deaf-Blind Project: Services & Strategies, South Carolina Partnerships for Inclusion is offering an exciting, interactive virtual training package hosted by Dr. Jennifer Grisham! Dr. Grisham is a professor and program chair in the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education program at the University of Kentucky and faculty director of the Early Childhood Laboratory school. She is co-author of two books on blended education in early childhood education (Blended Practices in Early Childhood Education and Blended Assessment Practices in Early Childhood Education). Her research interests include authentic assessment, tiered instruction, and inclusion of children with significant disabilities. 

As part of this training package, we will host three 90-minute virtual sessions on planning & executing tiered instruction, specifically focusing on tier 3 supports to address the social-emotional, and communication skills of young children with low incidence disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Cognitive Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Blindness/Visual Impairments, Deafness/Hearing Loss, and Multiple Disabilities. 
Session 1: Pyramid Model & Tier 3 Supports
Friday, December 4, 2020 11:30am-1:00pm EST 
Participants will receive a brief overview of the Pyramid Model framework and practices, looking through the lens of supporting young children with low incidence disabilities. Tier 3 evidence-based strategies & supports will be discussed to foster the social-emotional, and communication skills of this population of young children. 
Session 2: Creating Intervention Plans
Friday, December 11, 2020 11:30am-1:00pm EST 
Participants will be introduced to developing intervention plans to meet the needs of young learners with low incidence disabilities. Through the use of videos, modeling, and practice, they will learn how to create a complete learning cycle with embedded learning opportunities. Participants will also be given time in virtual facilitated small groups to apply this information and begin developing their own intervention plans. 
Session 3: Implementation & Evaluation
Friday, January 8, 2021 9:30am-11:00am EST 

Participants will join us to discuss the implementation, evaluation, and fidelity of intervention plans developed in Session 2. Rubrics and other implementation & evaluation tools will be shared.

Please Note: this training opportunity has been designed as a series to support participants' in their understanding, development, and implementation of tier 3 intervention plans. While we would love for everyone to attend all three sessions live, we understand that this might not work with all schedules. For that reason, each session will be recorded & shared with registrants with the expectation that any sessions missed will be viewed before the following session.


**CEUs and child care training credit through SC Endeavors will be available for registered participants who attend the live sessions!**


                            Registration will close on November 30th.

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